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Yoni Z

Yoni Z.

Yoni Z is a singer, songwriter and entertainer, currently residing in his hometown of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York.  Beginning as a young teen, he has captivated the Jewish music world with his astounding voice.

Having grown up harmonizing in a family of musicians and cantors, Yoni decided he wanted to devote his life to becoming a true artist, and not just rely on his Gd given gift. He proceeded to spend many years polishing the prodigious innate abilities that had so graciously been bestowed upon him. It was a rigorous routine, involving many arduous years of diligent study and practice.

His first “professional” appearance was at the age of 15, performing for a wedding in Toronto, Canada.  From that humble start, now at the age of 25, Yoni has skyrocketed to fame, lighting up the stage at thousands of performances, one night at a time, often alongside the most beloved and respected legends. He has indeed become a most sought after headliner, earning the respect of the top promoters in the field.

It is first and foremost Yoni’s extraordinary voice that has earned him such acclaim. The years spent under the tutelage of world renown masters has produced a richness and a range, a uniqueness and clarity that has his audiences relishing each note. Whether performing the works of others or his own incredible compositions, he sings with such power and emotion that his renditions are mesmerizing.

As someone passionately pursuing a lifelong calling, Yoni further strove to cultivate an appreciation for all music, not limiting himself to any genre. He thus embarked upon a program of carefully analyzing and personalizing a huge portfolio of great works that now enables him to perform an incomparable array of songs that include tunes from decades of Jewish pop, the all time classics, Chassidic melodies, Middle Eastern music and even opera. Assisted by his amazing acuity for memory and recall, he soon earned the moniker, the “walking Jewish jukebox.”  He truly has the ability to perform almost any song upon request, becoming the acknowledged expert as well as the consummate artist.

Another defining characteristic of Yoni’s artistry is the common thread of genuine joy and love that permeates everything he does. Especially in these times, Yoni and his music provide a much welcomed solace and inspiration. His renditions emit an aura of happiness and gratitude that envelopes the listener as well, enabling them to soar along with him. Anyone who has experienced Yoni Z’s music, wants more.

Yoni has thrilled audiences in forty-six of the fifty states, as well as in Israel, Belgium, France, Italy, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, the Caribbean, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, and is set to release his awaited debut album in 2017.

Yoni will be performing on Wednesday night, April 12th. Guests of Gateways can attend without charge.

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Benny Friedman

Benny Friedman

Gateways welcomes one of Jewish music’s hottest new stars Benny Friedman.

One of the fastest rising stars in Jewish music, Benny Friedman has made a name for himself, not by being a member of one of Jewish music’s royal families, but by consistently proving himself to be talented, versatile and one of the nicest people in the Jewish music business.

Benny split his time between recording his debut album Taamu with legendary producer Avi Newmark and making appearances all over the country. One of the most highly anticipated debut albums in Jewish music history, Taamu was hailed as both the best debut album ever produced and 2009′s album of the year, firmly cementing Benny’s place as one of Jewish music’s elite. Demand for the talented singer skyrocketed as Benny performed at dinners, weddings and other events worldwide. Recent concert appearances include Chelsea Unplugged in Manhattan, Kutsher’s Summer Concert Series in Monticello, South Florida Chassidic Chanukah Festival and a show stopping duet with Avraham Fried that was the highlight of the 24th annual HASC show.

Working towards his goal of inspiring people through music, Benny has devoted countless hours to making music that is meaningful. Not only do his impeccable vocals appear on Chasoif, Unity and Berachamim, three singles recorded to raise money for tzedaka, he performed at Nariman House on the first anniversary of the Mumbai massacre.

Benny just released his second album, Yesh Tikvah, to much acclaim.

Benny will be performing on Thursday April 13th. Guests of Gateways can attend without charge.

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Yumi Lowy

Yumi Lowy

As a singing sensation who has taken the world of Jewish music by storm, Yumi Lowy is recognized by fans across the world as a superstar vocalist and recording artist.

Beginning his career as a child soloist on MBD’s legendary Once Upon A Nigun album, Yumi further honed his natural musical talents as he entered adulthood by singing in choirs for the albums of world-famous performers, including Avraham Fried and Yaakov Schwekey. With a unique vocal style and professional stage demeanor, he quickly became a sought after vocalist for Jewish weddings and gained further prominence as a founding member of the renowned Shira Choir.

Upon the release of his debut album, Yumi’s popularity amongst Jewish music aficionados of all backgrounds soared as he collaborated with numerous celebrity composers, including Yossi Green and Pinky Weber, to produce a dynamic album that sold thousands of copies within weeks of its release.

Currently, Yumi resides with his wife and children in Brooklyn, NY, and – when not working in the recording studio on his next album – travels across the world as a star vocalist headlining at concerts, weddings and private events

Yumi  will be performing on Motza’ei Shabbos April 15th. Guests of Gateways can attend without charge.

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